9 Wood Ceilings With Nice Detail

9 Wood Ceilings Design

The 9 wood ceilingshave accompanied the man throughout his history. To reach our days as one of the most popular architectural decorative elements, useful and versatile. To achieve a warm and cozy appearance in a room. There is nothing better than a wooden roof. Although with some planks. This type of design is a nice detail that gives warmth and also personality to the spaces as a great trend for interior decoration.

The wood is a material that has many advantages. One of them is the beauty of the material and according to the treatment that has been given. It is of strong consistency and resistance, both features are decisive in terms of the choice of a material for the roof. And that’s why most people opt for 9 wood ceilings. For the beams, hard woods and braces are use. Such as Paradise, Elliotis Pine and Pine without knots.

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The knots are irregularities or defects that appear in the 9 wood ceilings. They are circular and can also be very decorative. The knots are form from the remains of a branch that has been torn off. And has remained in the trunk and we can see them in this design thanks to the fact that the wood remain in its most natural state, for a fresh and very natural design.

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