Advantages Of Installing Ceiling To Floor Windows

Window Treatments For Ceiling To Floor Windows

Is it worth having a ceiling to floor windows in the house? It depends. First, keep in mind that the windows can adapt to the architecture of the house, it is not going to be that as much as we like to fill the rooms with glass, we end up turning the house into a kind of nursery.

As for the advantages, we can mention the possibility of receiving large quotas of natural light, or of being able to enjoy the views that a beautiful landscape or a building on the heights can give us. In the other dish of the balance, on the contrary, it should be remembered that a quota of privacy is also lost, or that if there is not a good curtain or an awning, ceiling to floor windows can create an uncomfortable greenhouse effect in the home during the hot months. And to avoid isolation problems, it is necessary to resort to structures of two or three glasses.

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The window is an opportunity. And there are two key factors to keep in mind: views and privacy. If there really are beautiful views to contemplate, well worth it. It can be a field, a beach, or the city extending underfoot. But surely we would not like from the street to perceive the interior life of our house, but we do have good natural light, so the windows should look towards the patio or the interior park. In this case, the light comes from the private garden through the ceiling to floor windows, where an olive grove grows on its wide surface, and from the sliding glass doors you can access the pool.

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