Affordable Diy Tufted Living Room Set

Brown Tufted Living Room Set

One of very economical option to give a total refresh to the furniture in your living room is the new cushions. Bring life to that tufted living room set by not necessarily changing the cushion completely, but its lining! If your cushions allow it, since there are some designs with which it would be complicated, change the lining with designs made by you; choose between the diversity of fabrics, colors, prints and textures with which you can renovate that furniture and everything at a low price.

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To calculate the costs you must first take measurements of the area of ​​tufted living room set that you are going to cover and thus determine the amount of fabric you will need. You should check the structure of your sofa. If you want the sofa to have a smooth texture you has to add an area of ​​at least 10 centimeters to the outline from which you will staple the fabric. And do not forget the measurements of the cushions!

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Although we change the design of the tufted living room set it is likely that (depending on the model) we have to disarm it. If so, it’s good that you have evidence of what it looked like before. Just take some pictures and this will help you later to put it together more easily.

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