Affordable Options For End Table Lamps

Rustic End Table Lamps

End Table Lamps – There is nothing like having a lamp for a bedside table, this piece of furniture brings style to the room at the same time that we have the possibility to enjoy a quiet reading without the need to disturb anyone. Many people even think that something that should never be missing on a night table is a good lamp.

The first option is a modern black bedside lamp. A body made of welded copper bars and a screen made of anti-flammable material. This set of bedside lamps has a modern look and is available in gold and black. These lamps measure 15.79cm high x 9.06cm in diameter. Add to your room a modern and avant-garde style with these two powerful night lamps of minimalist design. This product complies with all the security measures required by the government of the United States.

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And the next is a bedside table lamp from the Ashley. They are a pair of lamps of the Darlita series that measure about 30cm high x 14cm in diameter and have three levels of light intensity with which you can create different atmospheres. It’s metal base has an anti-slip cover that makes it easily adaptable to any type of table or desk. A rugged design inspired by classic wooden lamps. This set is ideal for small rooms and thanks to its control of the light intensity, you can easily create any type of environment you want.

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