All About The Arched Floor Lamps

Pacific Coast Lighting Arc Floor Lamp

Arched Floor Lamps – Lighting is an aspect of decoration that should not be underestimated. As it provides functionality and aesthetics to any space. In the home, especially in social areas such as the living room. Furthermore, the type of light and its location create the mood and the level of comfort expected in the main room of a house. These points will show you how you can give life to your room, with the arched floor lamp.

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Unmistakable from any angle, this creation of the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglione for the firm Flos, was born in 1962. Metallic structure describes a curve that provides direct lighting from above on a specific point. Without being fixed to the ceiling, since it is, after all, a standing lamp. It is based on a parallelepiped of white marble that weighs around 65 kilos.

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Because this is vintage style so it has classic design of the 60s. It is composed of three pieces, a stone or concrete base, the mast where the connection goes and the chromed steel screen with round shape. A great option for any decoration concept. Sometimes a lighting concept needs several light bulbs, this represents saturation and energy expenditure. A floor lamp with powerful light will surely replace some of the ceiling or table.