Alluring Ideas Ceiling Finishes

Basement Ceiling Finishes

The ceiling finishes are usually the most forgotten places when decorating our homes. For that reason, follow these simple recommendations to return them to life and turn them into the center of attention of the environments of your home. Use these decorative elements to recover your ceilings and give them your personal touch. Although in the past it could have seemed somewhat unseemly, installing some mirror panels could give the impression of more space and more natural light in the room.

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As with mirrors, this type of paint reflects natural light quite well. A soft shade of gray will add some intrigue to a white room. If you want to attract attention, use more daring colors such as blue or orange. Ceiling finishes with tiles: These implements will give the impression that you live in a Victorian house. They are available in a wide range of finishes, models and colors.

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Stamped paper can provide the versatility and originality you were looking for in your environments. The best part is that, depending on the model you choose, your own style will always be reflected. If what you want is to obtain a rustic aesthetic inside your home, wood is the perfect choice. Not only will it give your ceiling finishes an organic look. But with its natural lines you will generate a sense of movement.