Ambiance With Chandelier Light Bulbs

Attractive Chandelier Light Bulbs

Chandelier Light Bulbs – There is nothing quite as nice as dining by candle light. Whether in a formal dining room or on the beach at night, candles can help create a wonderful environment and atmosphere. They are also festive and used a lot during the holidays. No matter their size they usually set a nice tone in a room, either at home or in a restaurant. However, they are not always practical and in those situations low energy chandelier light bulbs can take their place.

As pretty as candles may be they are often very dangerous to use. This is especially true around children. When set on a dining table, the child may get too close to the flame and burn themselves. Or a pet running by may bump a table and knock candles over. Here low energy chandelier light bulbs are the perfect substitution. They have a soft glow and many even have a realistic flickering effect. And because they are of low wattage, they are generally cool to the touch. There is usually low risk if knocked over, provided they are set back up.

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Even around adults candle use poses hazards. Think of the first hanging chandeliers which had a place for numerous candles. Besides taking a lot of time to light all the wicks, a strong draft could blow something into the flames and start a fire. That is why as soon as electricity became practical for home use, chandeliers were made to use low energy chandelier light bulbs. Not only was the fire hazard eliminated but you could turn all the lights on at one time.

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