Antique Brass Drawer Pulls Style And Colors

Antique Brass Drawer Pulls And Knob

While over coating cabinets or otherwise altering their appearance can be a complex task, crafting antique brass drawer pulls is relatively easy. It is a cost-effective and simple way to dress your cabinets. If your cabinets could use a little cleaning, spending some time on your cabinet pulls might do trick. If cabinets have tildan handling pulls, add some excitement with wire and heel decorations. To create these decorations, purchase wire grains and thick glass in colors that is in your decoration.

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Look for antique brass drawer pulls that are made of thick glass that can withstand rigors of everyday use and be easily cleaned. Tugs can become dirty over time. With tweezers, cut pieces of heavy gauge wire two to three times size of your current cabinet handles. Beads of chain in these wire lengths. Fit cable securely around your cabinet handle in a circular manner, securing them at end by bending wire back and pressing with your tweezers.

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Make your current command strip a little more exciting with simple antique brass drawer pulls additions. To begin this craft, remove strip cabinet, and take them to a craft store. Select buttons that cover entire end of knob. Buy same buttons, or create an eclectic look by mixing and combining buttons. After selecting buttons, secure them to your jerks with hot glue. This option is particularly appropriate for a room that is used for craftsmanship, as it gives space a decidedly shrewd air.