Attractive Drawer Microwave Oven

Built In Drawer Microwave Oven

Although all rooms of house must respect a certain balance, in design of kitchen, that harmony is something fundamental. If we consider that it is a space in which inspiration has a lot to say, a good way to generate a perfect assembly of elements is to opt for a kitchen cabinet to place your drawer microwave oventhat is built-in. In this way you will get introduction of this device does not break with aesthetics of your room.

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Not always particular conditions of kitchen allow placing furniture with which we dreamed and, in these circumstances, best thing is to know how to adapt. This practice does not have to suppose to renounce placement of drawer microwave oven but, rather, to design a space that serves as a support without clashing in overall decoration. In this kitchen we have chosen to create a small surface on top that, in no case, is out of tune with other storage solutions present.

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Technically this proposal is not a kitchen cabinet for microwave but, given its originality, it is worth including it in this review of practical solutions to place small appliance that concerns us. In design that we present, drawer microwave oven has been embedded inside a column, an element that is part of structure of kitchen. Practical, creative and, above all, aesthetically attractive. Do not you think?