Awesome Galaxy Wall Mural

3D Galaxy Wall Mural

It may seem like a difficult job and worthy of respect. However, there is a technique that, if applied with patience, can give very satisfactory results. Remember that surface should be as smooth as possible, and painted white so that it does not cost you to cover with different colors. It is about painting galaxy wall mural with help of a projector, which will project (worthy of redundancy) drawing on wall, allowing you to copy outline.

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If you can get a digital projector, you connect it directly to computer where you have image saved. Or also an overhead projector. For which you will first have to print images on tracing paper. In addition, you can also choose to manufacture projector yourself. For this galaxy wall muralyou only need a box. At one end you have to paste drawing. Which previously print on tissue paper or tracing. And, at another extreme, put a high power light.

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Of course, being home, you must play much more with distance. And position in which you put projector, so that image is not deformed. Also, if your drawing galaxy wall mural is very simple. You can try to print it on tissue paper to a smaller size and paste it into a flashlight. Drawing will be project on wall, although you must make sure that lantern remains motionless while you are copying image.