Awesome Paris Themed Wall Decor Romance

Living Room Paris Themed Wall Decor

Paris Themed Wall Decor – Nothing says awesome like a themed room in Paris. It is a look that embraces luxury and romance in a decidedly feminine style. It can be a fun, feminine theme for a bedroom, a theme for a sophisticated lounge or living room, a quaint and charming theme for a kitchen or bathroom, or a sexy, ooh the look at it in a bedroom for adults. A neutral black and white background provides a sharp contrast.

Commonly accented with a rose in different shades of cotton candy in hot pink. Consider the paris themed wall decor with tone on colors stripes in pink, pink and gray. Alternatively, try purple or turquoise accents. Metallic tones of gold, silver, and bronze add luxury opulence. French-inspired accessories are the key elements to really compose a room in Paris theme. Includes lots of ruffles, lace, and underwear with ruffles.

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With an accent, paris themed wall decor with wallpaper with one of the previous models. Bring in a black or white wrought iron bed frame. Cover the bed with ruffles, sheets and pillows and lace patterns with ruffles and patterns, such as damask or fleur de lis. Consider tone over pink stripes on walls or white walls with black art tattoos and framed Wall characterize French poodles and the Eiffel Tower. Use darker colors, such as velvet flocked damask wallpaper in hot pink and black.

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