Bar Height Dining Table Set That You’ll Love

Bar Height Dining Table Set Stool

In this case, note that the bar height dining table set is higher than the island, like the chairs. This option duplicates the informality and moves the diner a little bit away from the preparation but not from the process, which is enjoyed and if a beer accompanies us, the better. Another is a multipurpose island that does not include cooking or washing utensils. It is practically an island table of great height that with the prolongation of the stop becomes at the same time in a bar.

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On the bar height dining table set as in the case of a table, the lamp should be placed, except in cases where the island / bar has the smoke extraction hood incorporated. The design, sober and beautiful exposes the metal through stainless steel and complements the white of the top that could be made of white granite or Silestone .

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Since the materials and the combination of colors are very tasteful, the whole multipurpose environment is of great harmony and class. The transparency of the bar height dining table set does not contradict the space limitation, where it seems not to reduce volume. The bar is arranged at a lower level of the island, thus achieving the right height for each use.