Beautiful And Warm Wood Slat Ceiling Finish

Basement Wood Slat Ceiling

The wood slat ceiling are a luxury for many, however, today we will see that currently is not so expensive to place a ceiling with a beautiful and warm wood finish, either polished and varnished or rustic and untreated, we offer Fabulous examples for every taste, do not miss any. Pine is a somewhat softer wood than the previous ones so it is not the most appropriate material to withstand high loads of weight; however it is perfect for coatings and machimbres and can also be use as a support structure.

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It is also important to know some information about the preservation and care of wood slat ceiling in indoor spaces. The steps to follow are simple but require some dedication and time. First of all we should sand the pieces of wood with a sandpaper of medium grain. Always following the direction of the betas. Next we will locate all the cracks of the slats to cover them later with special putty for wood.

The wood slat ceiling in the living rooms are very good especially when the colors and tones are combine in the right way. For that you can use a dark colored wood for the ceiling. And then white color for the walls. In addition you can also make an extension of the wood of the ceiling by one of the walls. This extension can be done by leaving a part of white color. So that it separates the wall from the ceiling or you can also leave it whole.

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