Beautiful Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer In The Kitchen

Black Kitchenaid Microwave Drawer

Americans like to install the kitchenaid microwave drawer above the kitchen. It is a way of grouping the cooking area with the gas stove, the lower oven and above the microwave. In this case, the set is a single piece of stainless steel with a rear panel, also made of stainless steel, which serves to delimit the area. This solution is very neat, but it is for high users since it requires elevating the dishes almost to the height of the head. Keep in mind that, while cooking, care must be taken not to burn with cooking smoke.

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A good solution is to put the kitchenaid microwave drawer and the oven embedded in a cabinet-column at half height. You can put the microwave up because it is the most used appliance. At this height, above 90 cm, it is ideal for use. In this beautiful kitchen open to the dining room and the living room, the microwave has been placed on a peninsula that delimits both areas.

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The top of the column cabinet can also be used to deposit dishes or cups. Here, the kitchenaid microwave draweris on a shelf. The space underneath can be used to put, as here, the toaster. The height is ideal for use and the fact that it has shelves of books at the top gives a sympathetic touch to the set.