Beauty Of Crown Molding High Ceilings

Crown Molding High Ceilings Color

High ceilings make the rooms seem more important with their exposed beams and wooden beams. Adding molding to a room with high ceilings can accentuate either the natural beauty of a room or make it look clumsy and busy. When it is decided to add crown molding high ceilings, attention to the method of balancing the room is or if the architecture already has many lines and height variations.

Most crown molding look best when held in a horizontal plane that is balance. Crown molding high ceilings, of course, do not offer this. One way to make the room look more open by taking advantage of the roof is to measure the molding along the highest horizontal line before the lowest point of the roof rise. This creates a level box around the perimeter of the room to maintain balance and keep the eyes focused.

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Crown molding high ceilings comes in many designs and serves as a frame to the room. If the roof is vault. But finished without wooden beams. More elaborate castings is a great way to add design to a room. The designs range from box lines, to scallops or floral designs integrated into the molding. If your room will contain simple furniture, more ornate designs can complement the decoration.

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