Best Crown Molding For 10 Foot Ceiling

Living Room With 10 Foot Ceiling

Crown moldings of 10 foot ceiling can add an elegant decorative touch to any room in your home. The width of the molding crown, which is installed on the seam joining the ceiling and the walls, must match the scale of the room and complement its decoration. Increase the width of the crown molding in proportion to the height of the ceiling and in relation to the square footage of the room. In general, use ½ to 1-inch wide crown molding for each foot of ceiling height in a room.

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Therefore, a room with a 10 foot ceiling requires the molding crown of at least 5 to 10 inches wide so it does not seem out of proportion to the overall size of the room. Use crown moldings in a width and scale that is appropriate for the room in which you will install. For rooms with 10-foot ceilings, use at least 5-inch wide crown molding. Increase the fall distance, the distance from the top to the bottom of the crown molding, proportionally based on the square footage of the room;

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Large rooms with a 10 foot ceiling can accommodate larger widths of crown molding, up to a maximum of 20 inches. Insufficiently sized crown moldings can make a room look heavier higher, according to this old house. Crown moldings that are too large can overwhelm the room, making it feel smaller.

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