Best Guide To Install Unique Drawer Pulls

Glass Unique Drawer Pulls

One of the most notable accents in the cabinets is the handles. Learning some basics about cabinet unique drawer pulls will help you decide on the style. For example, some require the cabinet to handle two screws while others only require one. The determining factor between the two should be the brand and style of the cabinets that will be installed in. If you are going to replace the cabinet, take into account the dimensions of the holes already drilled.

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Measure the distance between the two screw holes in your handle when deciding where the handle will go in your cabinet. Be precise in the measurement or you will have difficulties to install the unique drawer pulls. Measure the diameter of the screw that comes with your handles to be sure the drill bit is the right size. Practice on a piece of lumber if you are not sure.

Mark the cabinet where the cabinet unique drawer pulls will be installed. Make sure that the distance between the marks is exactly the same as the handle. If this is a handle that requires a screw, make sure that the size of the bit is correct. Make holes in the front of the box and not the back as some chips may occur. Install the first handle before drilling all the holes to be sure that your measurements are correct.

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