Best Strass Crystal Chandeliers

Glamorous Strass Crystal Chandeliers

Strass Crystal Chandeliers – Crystal chandeliers have symbolized wealth and prosperity for centuries. Many of the world’s architectural pearls are decorated with crystal chandeliers. Perhaps your dining room is not big enough to hold Guinness’s world record breaking “Reflective Flow” chandelier in Doha, Qatar, but you still want to glitz for your budget.  Strass crystal chandeliers are the best of the best when it comes to the pearls that hang from a base unit. Industry experts consider Strass the leader of the flock, as each gem is created to show the highest level of clarity with the least number of internal flaws.

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Strass crystals machine cut to ensure each Strass crystal chandeliers has a perfect angle for focal point and prism brilliance. When the crystals are cut, they are hand polished by a craftsman who covers each crystal with an optical coating to protect the lamp. This coating makes cleaning your Strass crystals easier, as it protects the bulbs from dirt and dust.

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Strass crystal chandeliers are of course more expensive. The quality of the crystal and the handmade artisan ship behind these beautiful motivates a price tag confirming that they are on top of their class. Those looking for a luxury chandelier without budget restrictions may want to invest in Strass crystal chandeliers.