Building Exposed Rafter Ceiling

Exposed Rafter Ceiling Apartment

Exposed rafter ceiling is one of the more attractive roof styles, and if the plans are properly followed, they are extremely easy to build. Free-end gates allow the construction of saddle roof over bays, which are charming and attractive. If asked to draw a house, you probably will draw a square box with a triangular ceiling.

Lay your exposed rafter ceiling on superimposed horses with their crowns upwards. Hold a stud towards one end and pull all the bolts to it. Measure the rulers to the desired length, mark them and cut them at opposite ends using a circular saw. Scribe and cut the hill cuts and birds mouths. Lay out a stable platform by nailing one of the 6s over the rails under the roof rack. You can start building your roof standing on this catwalk.

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Use straight stock 1-by-6; customize the design of the hill to the rules. Exposed rafter ceiling beams and beam joints come together on the plate line. Space ceiling beams and adjust 16 inches to the center to achieve this purpose. Hold one end of a roof rack to the hill and attach the lower end to the plate with two 16-pin nails. Attach another beam the same way on the other side. Both ceiling beams will meet in the middle and hold up each other. Move down the hill to the end of the first section and fasten two roof beams in the same way, even in the middle.

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