Building Kitchen Nook Table

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Kitchen nook table – How to build a kitchen table. There are many patterns for a kitchen table. This is a simple, cheap, small table for two.


Cut four legs about 35 inches long out of 2×2 woods. Get a piece of wood measuring 2 ft. X 2 m. X 3/4 inches thick for the table top. Sand wood with light sandpaper until all sharp edges are gone and flat surfaces are smooth at touch. Buy 8 L-shaped metal for kitchen nook table fasteners 2 inches long on each branch of “L.” Get a package of 1-inch-long, size 8 wood screws. Screw a bracket on each leg. Place the holder on the end of the leg so that the bending of the bracket is at the same height as the end of the wood.

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Place a table leg; fasten downwards, on the kitchen nook table. Align the edge of the leg with the edge of the tabletop. Hold the console down on the table top and screw one of the screws through the hole in the bracket. Screw the other console into the desk. Repeat with all four legs. Turn the table over. Shake the table to control movement.  Color or bet the table an optional color. Allow to dry overnight before using.

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