Building Modern Sofa Table

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Modern sofa table is a good addition to the living room and liar that needs a new look. Many different coffee table designs fit into the “modern” category. Some of these tables are very abstract and high and may require a lot of artistry to build, while others are quite basic in design but are still appealing. Modern coffee tables tend to be very expensive, especially if made with high-end material. Building your own allows you to save money and express your creativity at the same time.


Put on safety goggles and duck saw blade at 45 degrees against your fence. Set the fence at 20 inches away from where the bottom of modern sofa table. Fingering the edges of all your 20-inch planks at 45 degrees. Duke-saw fences of 13 inches and 50 inches to felling all edges on each part of the oak. The four edges of each board should be beveled on the same side and should not affect the original length and width of the boards.

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Lay one of the 13-inch 50-inch boards flat and horizontal so the beveled edges are sloping down towards your workplace. Screw one of your 11-inch firebrats to the oak so it is parallel and centered with the 13-inch side and at even height with beveled edges. None of the beveled edges should be covered modern sofa table. Repeat this process on the other side, and then screw your last two 11-inch firebrats to the other 13-inch-by-50-inch on board the same way. Screw your 45-inch board along 50-inch beveled edges 20-inch-by-50-inch on board. The 45-inch board is centered along the 50-inch edge. None of the beveled edges can be covered.

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