Building Stainless Steel Dining Table

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Stainless steel dining table – Many people live in smaller homes or the family has grown bigger with Auntie or Grandmother Join the family to make the home seem less. In any case, the space seems less for these reasons.  There is a way to make a dining table that will be welcomed safely.


These plans are for a Murphy or collapsible dinners, stainless steel dining table for your home. When you’re ready and attached to a wall, this dining table will not only give you a great place for family food, but will fold down to give you back the space afterwards. Color all pieces of wood on all sides; allow drying properly for how long time it takes to notice. Cretan all sides of oak, bone and 5 foot wall board that will be used to attach it to the top. Allow to dry thoroughly for 2 days or until it is dry when touched. If one-to-one Cretan is desired, repeat the second time after the first one is very dry.

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Action 3 the same distance from one long side of the stainless steel dining table for precise location of hinges. I measure 3 times to really confirm my measurements. Do this for the long flat plug and adjust these two boards to make sure they coincide with each other, hinges wisely. This will connect your wall board to your desk, so be very diligent. Do not attach the hardware yet. This is where you will place only 2 legs on the dining table top and the opposite side of this forum where the hinges are located. Again measure 3 times to be sure before proceeding with this project.

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