Bulbs For Table Lamps With USB Ports

USB Charging Bedside Lamp

Table Lamps with USB Ports – We are always with the problem that we do not have enough plugs, and in many cases for the only thing we want is to charge our devices and we would be worth a USB socket. What we usually have is a desk lamp, probably with a LED bulb. Why not replace it with this other bulb, much more practical?

Whether for a cafe where you want to invite your customers to work or study, or just for your desk, this charging system can be very interesting. It consists, as you can see in the images, in that the same LED bulb has several USB ports to be able to connect devices that you want to charge. You will save having more chargers than necessary, in addition to the effect of the cable coming out of the bulb is great.

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The only doubt that comes to my mind is whether it will be absolutely necessary to have the light bulb on when we want to load our devices. But, surely its designer, Julia Kononenko, comes up with some other spectacular idea. Of course, you will get a lot of advantages to this kind of lamp. As you know almost all phone charger using a USB adaptor. So, it will be easier for you to get power resources.

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