Buying Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers

Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers Images

Rustic Dining Room Chandeliers – Rustic chandeliers are ideal for a country home, as they provide adequate lighting and lend a rustic look to the dining area. If one would like a woodsy look, one could choose chandeliers designed with a pine, cedar, or chestnut finish. Rustic pine chandeliers are made of cast fiber and a timber slice finish, a metal base with wrought iron armature, and hand painted laced lampshades. One could get a 4 light pine cone chandelier with dangling pine-cones or go in for ponderous pine cone chandeliers, where the base of the lights are shaped like pine cones.

In cedar log for rustic dining room chandeliers, one can get 5 downward lights and an aspen bronze finish with rustic Scavo glass, or a 9-light chandelier with hand painted copper claret finish and buckskin leather shades. The chestnut chandeliers with 5 lights (single tier) or 9 lights (double tier) have a chestnut finish with gold dust glass for shades. One could go for? Bear creek? 3-light, 5-light (upward /downward), or even 9-light fixtures with two tiers sporting an antique bronze finish with champagne frost glass. Or one may prefer a Brownstone 3-light or 5-light (upward/downward), or even a 15-light fixture with three tiers and champagne frosted glass.

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If one wants a wild life feel, one could go for the antler or the buck-horn chandeliers. Antler rustic dining room chandeliers come in 5-light or 6-light designs, giving the impression of real antlers with a faux antler finish and with natural faux ostrich leather shades. One may prefer the soft impression of candlelight with candlelight/casa chandeliers. Fixtures with 6 lights or 9 lights (two-tier) come in a natural iron finish with rustic candle style glass. The casa chandeliers have 3-light, 5-light, or 9-light (two tiers) options with an older black finish and rust Scavo glass.

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