Buying White Antler Chandelier

Beautiful White Antler Chandelier

White antler chandelier are different from traditional chandeliers in the sense that they are made of animal body parts. Antlers are what we see on the heads of animals like deer, moose or elks. They are bony protuberances that are covered by velvet, a furry layer of skin. Every year, in July or August, the antlers attain their full growth. Just before the mating season, in August, the supply of blood and nutrients to the antlers is cut off because they are needed for the increase in the testosterone levels. The furry skin peels off and the animals trash their antlers against saplings. These trashed antlers are then used to make chandeliers.

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White antler chandelier is perfect for cabins and other special rooms, especially those made of wood. They give a rustic look to the room they are put in. White antler chandeliers also offer a great view because their color matches with any color of the furniture. For those who like adventure and hunting, these antler chandeliers are perfect for them. These chandeliers make them feel close to nature and the animals that reside amid nature. People who have wooden log cabins really love to have these chandeliers put up in the drawing rooms of these cabins. So, if you are the adventurous type, go for your chandeliers today.

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For the best choices in this kind of chandeliers, you can go through the Internet where thousands of websites have these chandeliers in their online catalog. Otherwise, you can also go to a specialty shop and have a feel of chandeliers in person. Does some research on this white antler chandelier before you buy them because you will be spending a considerable amount of money on them and you should feel that they are worth the money spent.