Ceiling Outlet Box For Fan

Ceiling Outlet Box For Lamp

Get a classified ceiling outlet box for fan at an electrical supply or home supply store. If you cannot access the roof from above, it is probably better to buy those that have an old style (not those that have new construction). There are two types of old-style boxes, one of which is designed to be mounted on an existing beam; this box may be easier to install, but it requires you to look for the beam instead of avoiding it. The other type has an adjustable bar that expands to be installed in two beams, it can be a bit more complicated to install. But it allows having more locations for assembly. Any of these boxes works well.

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Ideas of install ceiling outlet box for fan, after determining the place where you want to install the fan, evaluate how you can connect it to the power. Check the tips section to get some ideas related to the energy source. Adapt this area if necessary. Then, take a saw for drywall and make a hole that is large enough to stick your fingers in and check for possible blockages to the box. This small opening will make it easier to repair the area if it is not an appropriate location.

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Then to install ceiling outlet box for fan, after determining that there are no obstructions (cables, pipes, structural elements, etc. ). And trace on the wall the location where the box will be installed and cut it with a drywall saw. If you are going to install it in a kitchen or in a dining room. Then choose to use a longer 12 cable.