Ceiling Rafters: Warmth To Some Areas

Build Ceiling Rafters

The ceiling rafters can be a perfect complement to decorate certain rooms. And give warmth to some areas of the house, they can also play to your advantage when decorating or cover some imperfections in the ceiling. In current buildings it is difficult to find wood beams, probably because of the architectural structure of the houses. Where they have been dispensed with because they are not practical or economical.

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However, it is curious that they continue to be demand. That is why it is common to add decorative wooden beams in some spaces. Accustomed to traditional ceiling rafters, this design in indigo blue and white has conquered us. It is a very original idea that seeks to bring a different touch to a house of rural design. Furniture made of solid wood, clay tiles…

The truth is that the rustic decor always shares some common elements. If your home has wooden beams, encourage yourself to innovate by trying different combinations of colors that will give a new image to your home. Although within a rustic style, this holiday home has tried to modernize its design. One of the most notable aspects is the ceiling rafters that. Next to the ceiling, have a worn finish that adds an informal touch and something more modern.

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