Ceiling White Or Other Color?

Ceiling White For Living Room

Ceiling White – You decide to paint the house or a few environments of it to give an improvement in the visual. Great decision chooses the colors, go to a specialized store and buy the paints. What colors? If you follow the logic of most people, it will probably be white to the ceiling and other colors to the walls. But is that choice right or wrong? It depends on your taste, and your goal with this change of air. Who defined that the ceiling should always be white? This is a habit, almost a convention that comes and goes depending on the trends of each epoch. In reality, the ceiling can be any color, as long as it is harmonious with the rest of the environment.

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The choice of ceiling colors obeys the same trend that is changing for the colors to apply on the walls. There are times when fashion is to paint any interior of the house in white and use ceiling white, in other times it is defined that each house environment has a specific color. Sometimes the tendency is to paint a single wall of one environment in a different color from the others. There is still the fad of the wallpaper, of using textures instead of smooth walls. Anyway, if you intend to follow trends, every time you are going to renovate the painting of your house, you need to know what “is in fashion”. But the important thing is that you feel good in your home and enjoy the end result.

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With regard to choosing the color of the ceiling is the same thing. When looking at old photos, we can see colorful ceilings, worked in plaster, with drawings drawn or lined with fabric, wood or wallpaper. If you like to innovate, dare, paint the ceiling too with colors that break the routine of the ceiling white and you will realize that your house will be much more cozy and cozy. For dorms colored ceilings are a great option, especially for children’s bedrooms, where the ceiling can complete a playful decor.