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Ceramic Plates Wall Decor Mexican

Ceramic Plates Wall Decor – You can use any type of dishes to decorate walls, as long as they are consistent with the rest of the decoration of the room, or choose to make that wall the center of attention and adapt the rest of the decoration to the style of dishes you chose. To start decorating walls with this method you will only need large paper, pencil, tape, plates, suspension plates, a hammer and strong nails. You can use plates of different sizes.

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As for the style, everything will depend on your tastes. However, ceramic plates wall decor with traditional designs and solid colors or vintage dishes are ideal for this type of project. The idea is to make a design before starting the decoration, the idea is that the paper forms a template to know how the dishes will be before placing them. You just have to place the plants on the paper in the way you want and draw the outline of them.

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When the design is ready, present it on the wall with adhesive tape, if you are happy with the result, you can continue to the next step. Place the suspension plates on the back of the plate, most ceramic plates wall decor kits come with precise instructions on what to do make sure it is secure so that the plate can be support on the wall.