Change Look Your Drawer With Ring Drawer Pulls

Brass Ring Drawer Pulls

A piece of furniture or a door can change radically just by renewing ring drawer pulls or knobs. On many occasions it is not necessary to replace them to change their appearance, with a facelift they can give a second chance to those we already have. Nor is it necessary to spend a fortune because we can make them ourselves or use recycled elements to replace them. In one way or another, you will surely find inspiration with these DIY ideas to renew the drawer and door handles.

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A DIY trick to give life to a shooter without changing it is decorating it. Being small did not allow me to decorate it internally, but I could do it externally, for this ring drawer pulls I made a decorative border with self-adhesive vinyl effect stainless steel. The handle is the same but the decoration around it has completely changed the look of the bedside table. The best thing of all is that if in a few years I get bored again, I just have to take off the border and period.

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There are many elements that we can recycle to use as ring drawer pulls, such as ropes, cork stoppers, old keys or a broken belt as in this case. In the transformation of this chest of drawers, I decided to take a belt that had been broken by the buckle to cut it into three pieces and make the drawers of the drawers.