Charm Of Box Beam Ceiling

Best Box Beam Ceiling

If there is an element that is traditional for construction, it is surely the box beam ceiling. And if we say beam, the first thing that crosses our mind is wood. Because it is the most suitable material to work with. And the first thing that was use to make them. Much later, with the industrial revolution, came the steel beams and still later. Almost in the middle or late nineteenth century, the reinforced concrete.

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But the emotional memory takes us away from history. And takes us to rural areas and country houses. Although today wooden box beam ceiling are use in buildings for the city. It is impossible to isolate ourselves from the rustic decorations that cross our minds. The charm, warmth and romanticism of the exposed beams is incomparable. It is the local color of field constructions, from the humblest to the large rooms.

Exquisite rural style work of pickled beams. Under the white concrete ceiling, the hugebox beam ceiling with pickling are everything. The pickling consists of removing layers of paint from the base that was paint. The result is a vintage style and can be done by hand or with heat machines. In the back, a wall with stones is the background of a concert of lamps that ply the room from the beams. The inlaid home continues adding details of warmth.

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