Chihuly Chandelier Awesome Decoration

Chihuly Chandelier Awesome

Chihuly Chandelier – In the sandstone of the works, renovations and according to the spaces there is not always electrical arrival to the ceiling of a room. It is impossible then to install a modern chandelier or ceiling suspension, which is useful for the general lighting of the space. The chandelier is a luminaire suspended from the ceiling. Usually placed in the center of the room, it also fits perfectly in a corner of the space above a coffee table or above the meal table.

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The chandelier is connected by 2 electric dominoes. This electrical connection is concealed by a metal, ceramic or plastic roof, a kind of “bell” upside down fixed against the ceiling by a tightening along the cable or directly screwed to the ceiling. The chihuly chandelier hangs most of the time on a hook. In opulent houses with molded ceilings, this hook was usually in the center of a rosette.

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Suspended or erected to the sky, these works, with shaggy contours, are exploits combining blown glass with steel frames of several hundred kilos each. Five chandeliers and a tower are deployed in the same gallery. Their complementary configurations are reminiscent of the stalagmites and stalactites of the caves. Created for the first time in 1992, the chihuly chandelier refers to old luminaires but is dissociated by their scale and their lack of functionality.