Choose Your Favorite Hurricane Lantern

Best Hurricane Lantern

In today’s book of ideas we will take a tour through the different environments of a house and analyze what are the things we should have in mind when choosing hurricane lantern. It is important to keep in mind that poorly lit spaces can put at risk the design of the entire stay. We could say that the lighting in kitchens and dining rooms is relatively similar. Both are very busy environments and where we spend much of the day that is why much more clarity is needed.

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The most important thing to keep in mind when we talk about hurricane lantern in the kitchen is to know that we are going to have to combine two types of systems: general light and focal light. The focal light serves so that we have better visibility on the work table. That is why dichroic lights or LEDs are usually placed in the lower part of the cupboard.

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When we refer to general lighting we talk about the one that is incorporated into the environment through wall sconces or pendants. Regarding the intensity in general lighting, it is not necessary to be super powerful enough to provide good hurricane lantern to the kitchen in general.