Christmas Lantern Stars Shaped

Lantern With Christmas Lights Inside

Christmas Lantern – The Christmas is approaching and preparations begin to get going. So that your house is ready to receive the holidays and the New Year that you have before it is not necessary to put in big expenses. With few elements and your creativity, you can create Christmas decorations, or make alternative Christmas trees.

In this note, in addition, you will learn how to make a christmas lantern in the shape of a star that you can hang on the door of your house, place on your tree or integrate it with other ways of decorating the home with lights in the chain. Note: you must print the templates according to the size you want your lamp to have. To start, print all the templates. You will have to make a single copy of templates 1, 2 and 3; and 9 of the 4. Cut by the blue lines and mark on the orange ones.

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Form each tip of the star with the templates 4. Fold by the orange mark and press with glue the tab that is formed. Pages 1, 2 and 3 form a polyhedron and 4, the tips of the star. Form the polyhedron and then paste, in the square shapes, the tips of the christmas lantern star, leaving one without placing. Place the LED lights on the open part and thread a piece of nylon thread by closing it with a knot to hang it.

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