Console Table Drawers Ideas

Lovely Strass Crystal Chandeliers

Console table drawers – While some stick to the traditional floral centerpieces, others want branch out and embrace new ideas. A trend that has quickly become popular is to use jewels and jewelry as part of the table decor. During candlelight, in order to jewel sparkle establish a very romantic and magical setting.


Decide on the color scheme in the console table drawers. Determine the color of bedding, candles, jewels any other decorations that will be used. Check if existing bedding will work or if you need to buy new to finish the design. Mix several colors together for a more colorful table. Design the tabletop on paper. Determine how the table décor will be incorporated – in the middle of the table, over the table in a different way or at each place setting. This will help you figure out how many jewels you need to finish the design.

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Draw a rough layout of the console table drawers on paper will contribute to the concept you selected will work and you do not forget anything when you make purchases. Make the necessary purchases so that you have everything needed before you begin to work. Shop jewels are arts and crafts stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Pick up old rhinestone and crystal jewelry pieces as local secondhand stores. Consider using Aurora borealis jewels that throws out the different colors that can be mixed with almost any decor.

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