Contemporary DIY Dining Table

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DIY dining table – Modern design focuses on neutral colors, natural fabrics and a sense of minimalism. Clean lines and modern furniture will go a long way with this look. You do not need much to pull it away because “less is more” is the prevailing thought. In a dining area, modern furnishings create a functional background that lets the meal and conversation shine. With so few distractions, dishes get to the center – as they should. You do not need a designer, or even a lot of money, to pull together a contemporary table.


Choose a table and chairs with dark colors and clean lines. Glass table with chrome or stainless steel chairs is undeniably contemporary. For a more affordable (and child friendly) option, use black or very dark wood. Decorate the DIY dining table with a nice runner in neutral tones. For extra interest, use fabric with words or poetry scrawled on it. To create a more formal atmosphere, choose a sharp white or black runner. Avoid full tablecloths that will hide too much of the contemporary table shape and design.

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Fill a rectangular tray with smooth stones and place bright red lights on it, or fill small square boxes with shining blue flowers. Combine modern shapes with your favorite bold shades for just the right touch of color. Use fabrics that contain modern shapes and clean colors. Square, rectangular or kidney-shaped plates offer a refreshing change from traditional circles. If you choose an all-white look, be sure to get in colorful accents with light fabric napkins or cutlery with colored handles. For additional color, reupholster your chairs with colored fabric or assemble a piece of contemporary artwork on the wall over the DIY dining table.