Convert Sconce Lights To Electric

Awesome Sconce Lights

Converting your sconce lights to working with electric light flames is an easy way to save money, prevent fires and baby-secure your home. Installed correctly, electric light flames are almost impossible to distinguish from ordinary candles and provide an effective and consistent effect even in the most drafting places

Ideas for convert sconce lights to electric. Take the sconce from the wall. If you install a wireless light in your Sconce, remove the old candle and replace it with the new electric light. Place your wireless tea light in a glass of tea light holder the right to distort the image of the flame. This will make them look more natural when placed in the sconce.

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Then for convert sconce lights to electric. Place your wired electric light in Sconce to find the best way to direct your cord. One possibility is to drive the wire up and over the edge of the sconce, glue it into place with the hot glue gun. Another option is to drill a hole at the bottom or back of Sconce to let the wire pass through. Electric candles with a realistic flame flicker will give the best effect. Do not attempt to drill through glass without proper glass drilling tools.

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