Create An Elegant Ceiling Architecture

Art Ceiling Architecture

The ceiling architecture is elements capable of giving a very personal character to each room. And, at the same time, they offer a stage on which to act in terms of design and decoration. Professionals in the field of interior architecture are aware of the attractiveness of a well-design ceiling. And, consequently, the proposals go beyond a simple color bath or wooden beams. Every detail counts, from the lighting to the inclination through the presence or not of windows. Then accessories or various complements that. In most of the occasions, have a lot to do with the particular tastes of each one.

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Black is one of the preferred colors in the design and decoration of contemporary projects. Although not too common, the ceiling architecture can also be dress in this color to give life to sophisticated and distinguished rooms. In this first example, the masterful combination of this tone with the chosen one for the wooden floor draws attention. A contrast that allows creating an elegant and warm atmosphere in equal parts.

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The roof beams are visible adding a certain rustic air that adds to the overall appeal. The design of the roof depends, to a large extent, on the type of construction. And, the clearest example, are the traditional country houses. This type of houses usually has a very particular ceiling architecture structure that is predetermin by the building’s own architecture.

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