Creating Beautiful Rustic Drawer Pulls

Log Rustic Drawer Pulls

Swap standard round rustic drawer pulls options in shape with a little more interest and attractiveness. Buy some small forms of pre-cut wood at a craft store. Look for forms of this type in general handicraft section. You can find thick wood trimmings, such as teddy bears or clouds that are meant to be painted and used as decorative pieces. Paint or finish these wood shapes to suit your taste and match your space. Remove your existing pulls, and put these new ones in place, using a drill to create a pilot hole and squeezing them with same screw you used to join your previous pulls.

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Place a thick washer or a stack of several thin washers behind each new shot to make sure it is a little away from cabinet. Try this idea to decorate a nursery, replacing pulls in changing cabinets or drawers of your baby’s table with bunnies or in form of clouds, which matches decoration of room. Show your artistic ability by creating decorative painted rustic drawer pulls.

Acquire new round or knobs from wooden drawers, or sand down your existing wooden ones to create an appropriate surface for painting. Using a paint brush and wood art details, create one or more designs of your choice in rustic drawer pulls. After allowing your painted designs to dry, cover pulls with shellac to protect your work. To make your pulls especially to get attention, consider that they match your work to contents of cabinet.

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