Creating Harmony Living Room With Lucite Coffee Table

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Today I want to talk about the choice of the lucite coffee table. The eclectic style allows us to mix different styles creating harmony, but not all coffee tables serve all salons. Before deciding, think about what style you would like and look and see before deciding not to make a mistake in your choice. Depends on the effect we look for the material of our coffee table will be key.

The glass is light and helps us to give visual lightness while being modern. But it will not be the most appropriate material if there are children at home. My room is small and now that my kids are older, and are more careful, I decided to change it and put a lucite coffee table. In addition to this style of coffee tables I like a lot, in my case, I gain in visual amplitude, which is along with the storage what I need at this time.

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Looking for ideas on the Internet, I think that more or less I have decided what I am going to put. Although it will take me a while, since exactly what I want I have not found it, so it will be my turn to make it practically from scratch, on the one hand the design and on the other hand the manufacture! I’ll tell you in another post about the adventure of my lucite coffee table.

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