Creative Wall Murals Painting For Children’s Room

Cartoon Wall Murals Painting

Paintings are a charming, relatively inexpensive way to customize and light up a children’s bedroom. Whether you are a professional artist or your artistic effort is limited to drawing match stickers with crayons together with your children, wall murals painting in your children’s room will let you exercise your creative muscles. Recruit your children to help you paint a light, cheerful mural. Choose a light color that contrasts with the base color of the wall. For example, if the wall is white choose orange, lime green or turquoise.

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Position a light source on the opposite side of the room and darken the room so that the light throws prominent shadows of something in front of it on the wall murals painting. Have kids stand in front of the projector, maybe hold a favorite toy or “frozen” in the middle of throwing foam ball back and forth. Sketch their contours in pencil. Each child can hit several different positions along the wall.

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Also sketch the silhouette of grass feather and maybe even a bolted dog. Fill out the border with paint. Adorn your children’s bedroom with a floor to ceiling wood mural showing an animal species local to your area. Invite the kids to participate in brainstorming different creatures that make their homes in trees. Such as squirrels, birds and insects. Include an example of each creature in wall murals painting.