Cup Drawer Pulls That Match Your Taste

Grab and buds to your kitchen fronts are small things that have a big effect – like strong spices. They help to enhance the expression in your kitchen. If you have a traditional kitchen, you can choose cup drawer pulls and buds with fine details and the same expression as your kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen, you can choose grips that have a more neutral appearance and have a clean and modern line.

In IKEA, for example, you will find many different cup drawer pulls and handle that can match and complete the style of the kitchen. In addition, knobs and grips are easy to replace, so you can quickly and cheaply refresh the look of the kitchen. If you want to use the grips for your storage in the living room or your wardrobe, you can easily mount them on other cabinets.

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Cup drawer pulls are available in brass, black and stainless steel and give your furniture a unique expression. You can get buds and grips that belong to the same style so you can mix and match and be sure to create your own expression or you can stick to the style. If you want inspiration to choose from kitchens, you can find out in our kitchen gallery and see what grips we have chosen to use in the different kitchens.

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