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Oct 2nd
Concrete Ceiling and Tiles

Concrete ceiling – We usually see the plaster ceiling in the house. The usual public and so decorated. Then there are the wooden ceilings that give the place the look of a nice warm. Concrete roofs are mainly found in the construction industry. Where several pipes hanging over it. Then there are the tin roofs. Although the name indicates that the roof is make of tin. The tin roofs were also make of other metals such as copper or stainless steel panel. It becomes very soft and naturally occurring mildew proof. The tin is present as a good candidate for some artistic talent. Steel is a little harder so that a thin sheet is use or some serious printing works make. These sheets of metal stamped with a subtle and sophisticated design before it is mount on the roof.

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Tin roofs were introduced in Australia and South Africa in the nineteenth century, but other people did not really know. In the mid-nineteenth century, the mass produced rolled tin plate sheets available in America and concrete ceiling in the caught way on. Many old buildings now have a tin roof, wall and panel prices. While the tin roofs and panels are restore in the old build to revive nostalgia, a new wave of interest gained. The tin Roof is back in style and the new developments incorporate the pewter ceiling into their projects.

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Tin roofs and panels can installed as a bare metal or paint elements to make them look like the atmosphere. Clear lacquer can applied to concrete ceiling to preserve natural finish and silver will also coated with different metals to achieve the desired effect. One of the most spectacular effects that will achieved is a false painting where certain details of the pattern turned out and painted with different colors. The ceiling and tin panel offers the advantage of being relatively low maintenance and having a long life span. They are also easily install by nailing or stapling the tin panels onto them or placing them in T-bars. Hand carvings or mechanical stamping ensures that the type of endless patterns.

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