Design For Decorate A Recessed Ceiling

Awesome Recessed Ceiling Ideas

Recessed ceiling – Suspended or sloping ceilings provide a conspicuous architectural element into a place. When homeowners decide to add decorative to a recessed ceiling, their options include paint, wallpaper, casting and lighting. The trick is to draw attention to the recessed ceiling without making it seem misplaced in space. Consider all options before deciding on the details and design elements that are right for your home and budget.

Draw attention to the angled features of the recessed ceiling with molding. Select a darker casting to emphasize the depth of the ceiling or stick with white crown casting to add elegance and dimension. Install ceiling fan in the ceiling. The fan draws attention to the architectural details by making the room appear higher. Choose a fan that fits the decor or take advantage of the extra ceiling height by installing a fan with a standard or extended mount, as opposed to a low profile model that flies with the ceiling.

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Paint the drawer ceiling a complementary color to the room. Draw attention to the back ceiling by painting a color other than the surrounding ceiling or walls. Complementary colors or shades found on opposite sides of the color wheel play off each other to make a room feel more dramatic. Then apply the wallpaper to the recessed ceiling section. Choose a simple pattern, stripes or geometric shapes to keep the room from feeling flashy.

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