Design Of Very Original Ikea Console Table

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Wooden boxes are a classic for creation of furniture of all kinds. If you want to have an original ikea console table without too many complications, wooden boxes are a great option. If you are lucky enough to find an old wooden box, it is perfect because it will have that vintage touch you are looking for. However, at present there are few real old boxes, most are aged. Buying new wooden boxes and aging them yourself or painting them in some color is also a good idea.

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We live in a society that gets rid of objects too quickly. However, there are many possibilities that allow us to give a second life to some furniture or cabinets. In this case we want to talk about drawers. Drawers of an old wardrobe can be used to design auxiliary tables, even original ikea console table. Remember before throwing away possible uses they may have.

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Trunks of trees are used a lot today in decoration. In decoration of weddings, trunks in rodas or in portions often result in really beautiful centerpieces. As for interior decoration, we can also find great utilities to tree trunks. Nordic style uses them a lot because it helps them to give that touch close to nature they are so looking for. With a trunk, therefore, we can get design of a very original ikea console table.