Did You Know About Tilton Coffered Ceiling?

Tilton Coffered Ceiling Colors

We have all heard the expression “coffered” in the mouth of those who want to designate a wooden roof. Whatever its shape or arrangement. The term is used in a generic and indiscriminate way. And in fact, when I am going to measure some cover armor for my doctoral thesis. I usually present it to the person in charge of the building saying that “I am doing a thesis on tilton coffered ceiling“.

Obviously I do it because I can not afford to be correcting each person with whom I speak about the correct use of the word. The truth is that most of the time its use is incorrect. Since a tilton coffered ceiling is a concrete variant of the wooden slab or alphanumeric. In which the spaces of the entrevigado are covered with coffered ceilings. Which are sets of tables in the shape of inverted trough.

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In times, tilton coffered ceiling was called a trough to a wooden box. Usually rectangular, in which the open top was wider than the bottom. And had various uses: the most common were the kneading of bread and masonry. Undoubtedly, the similarity of the frameworks that were place between the beams of the floors with the troughs was what gave name to those pieces, a. And by extension, to the entire floor.

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