Did You Know An Industrial Ceiling?

Barn Industrial Ceiling

At first glance, it may seem strange that we want a heating on the roof, since hot air tends to rise upwards. The solution to the enigma is base on the fact that this type of heating does not use air to transmit heat. But rather waves of long-term heat. It is a healthy and highly efficient system that only has advantages. The industrial ceiling is a highly efficient heating system, widely use in countries such as Germany. Which offers savings of up to 50% energy throughout the year.

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The industrial ceiling has already been widely use in Europe. Companies like BMW or Mercedes Benz use it in their factories; they are also enjoyed by the German police or passengers at the Frankfurt airport. We see that radiation is a healthy system of transmission of heating. Its biggest advantage is that it does not use air for heat transmission. So it is not necessary to invest energy in heating it.

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The heat goes directly to the solid bodies – walls, floor, objects and human body. It is only then that they reflect the heat and transmit it to the air. For this reason, we can find the paradox that an industrial ceiling radiation heating system has lower air temperatures than conventional systems. But the thermal sensation is much higher.