Dining Room Chandelier Height

Best Dining Room Chandelier Height

Dining Room Chandelier Height – Whether it’s dripping grind crystal, handmade from blackened iron or made from an appreciated set of deer horns, is a pretty chandelier hanging over a dining table crown in the room. With all that drama and attention a chandelier commands, hang it properly is important. While there is no hard and fast rule dictates the exact height at which a chandelier has to hang, there are guidelines and tips to take into account.

If you put your chandelier to low, it will be in the way of diners. On the other hand, if you hang it too high, it will lose visual impact and will not brighten your table properly. The top surface of a standard-height table is about 30 inches from the ground. You should hang your dining room chandelier height about 30-34 inches between the table top and the bottom of the chandelier, giving you plenty of room for table flower arrangements, candlesticks and serving dishes, giving you and your guests a free view of each other when sitting at the table .

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With counter height dining tables are increasing in popularity, homeowners who buy them can find they need to raise their dining crown anything. The top of a contrasted dining table is about 35-36 inches from the floor; Therefore, a dining room chandelier height installed under a 30-inch table should be raised about 6 inches for a counter-height table. Similarly, if you install a chandelier based on a disk height table and then place a default table in its place, the chandelier will appear too high and must be lowered slightly.

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While hanging your chandelier 30-34 inches above the table top is a good rule to measure based on 8-foot ceiling height. Designers recommend raising dining room chandelier height slightly, about 3 inches for 9-meter ceiling height, and add another 3 inches for 10-foot ceiling height. If your ceilings are 9 feet or more, get a larger chandelier with two levels, which help fill and visually balance the space above your table.