Diy Beadboard Ceiling Tips Installation

Diy Beadboard Ceiling Remodel

Diy Beadboard Ceiling – Why settle for a plainly painted ceiling or an unsightly “popcorn” roof? The use of beadboard panels as a ceiling can create an attractive and pleasant feeling in a room. And best of all, beadboard panels are not only economical but also easy to install. Measure the roof surface. Determine the number of Beadboard boards you will need, with additional plates for the leftovers.

Beadboard is generally 3 ½ inches wide, 8 feet long and 5/16 inches thick. Close-up and painting or smearing the diy beadboard ceiling planks. Allow it to dry completely before attaching them to the ceiling. Install the beadboard planks perpendicular to the roof rafters. You will be able to see the beams if you have removed the old drywall from the ceiling. If you are not planning on removing the drywall, locate the roof beams using a metal detector.

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Putty lines are executed in all places of the joist. Using 4d finishing nails, hammer the first diy beadboard ceiling into place, starting with the ribbed edge against the wall. Drill pilot holes through the face of the beam near the wall and nail the edge of the joists. Slide the grooved end of the next board under the tongue of the first board. Hold a block of wood against the tongue of the second board and hit with a hammer, fitting the slot and tongue together perfectly.

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