DIY Globe Chandelier Lighting

Beauty Globe Chandelier Lighting

Dress up a dining room, foyer, bedroom or living room with globe chandelier lighting. Cluster a collection of globes together to create chandeliers, which will provide luminous light that will be a focal point. Globe chandeliers can be made with many materials that fit the existing interior of the room. Experiment with globe size and location to determine a configuration that works for available space.

Create Globe chandelier lighting from glass. Twist a series of glass shavings together to create a bubble-like world chandelier. Look for clear or colored glass globes and connect them with mouth-blown pears. Combine the two by three hoarse through the loop of the hand blown globe and twist it together with the strings of the predicted globes. The result will be a grape-like cluster of glass shavings. Pack wires with ribbon or string to complete the appearance.

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Create globe chandelier lighting from paper. Look for big white paper globes in varying patterns and textures. Tie a group of together by inserting hardware lighting and twisting the wires together. Pack wires in ribbon or chin for different looks. Jazz up chandelier with colored light bulbs. One idea is to put all red light bulbs or use another color bulb in every world. Another idea is to decorate common globes before adding the hardware. Stamp, paint and decorate paper globes to suit you.

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Create a globe chandelier lighting out of string globes. Blow up a series of bubbles of different shapes and sizes and smooth a layer of petroleum jelly over the entire surface. Mix glue, water and corn starch together and drive the string through the mixture. Fold the string in a random pattern over the balloon. If you add light hardware to design, allow enough space to insert light. Hang the balloons to dry for at least 24 hours. Pop balloons and spray paint in your choice of color. Cluster Globes together and add light.